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Achille Lombardi, Class ’81, born in a small town in southern Italy.They began the 90’s, and with them the first dance music, but the times are ripe whole except for Castrovillari, and the young Achille buys his first cd and the cover could be read names such as Depeche Mode and Queen. Is right here who feels the call to the electronic sounds that still inspires today.
Achille is twelve and a question arises that his colleagues Dj arise generally with a decade more: live music with a pair of headphones, as a listener, changing station and cd or be an artist, asserting its own taste and its own kind?
In the birth of ’94, he bought his first mixer and his first Technics.
House Lombardi now is the pass for afternoons, evenings and nights of carefully selected by Achille music and hundreds of friends who had made love with this fresh, young musical genre (house, progressive, techno) in a slightly larger room of 30 sq.m. .
E ‘in 1999, Achille is the musical reference of the night life castrovillarese, and began playing in the only club of the town, in several nightclubs, music festivals and in the premises of the neighboring areas.
The place, however, represent a now overwhelming limit. Is 2002 and young dj focuses on his passion and decided to move to Rome.
And ‘certainly the music of Achille spring: it takes little to make himself known and began playing in his first local Capitoline, such as Samsara, Balic, Joia, Neutra. He moved shortly after to Porto Cervo and playing in different clubs like Blues Café, before returning to Rome in the winter season. Continues its climb then working to Matis (Bologna), Lampollino Festival (Cosenza), Jungle (Cittadella Del Capo), Suburbia (Rome), Open Bar (Ostia), Frontiera (Rome), Beach Blast (Villapiana), Hobby One ( Bologna).
In 2005 the knowledge and friendships are expanding exponentially, up to know Max Ferrante (vocalist / producer), and in 2011 undertake a project that gets born songs like “Buzz”, “Trhow”, “Crunch”, “Plan” and ” Serenity “, on” Takeshi Recordings “. Then he met Marco Rea (dj / producer) and Luca Cucchetti (dj / producer) produce a breakthrough on compositional addresses that from then on they catalyze their musical tradition (house, techno, tech house) .In later participates in various dj contest like dj Battle, and collaborates with Radio Centro Suono.
Achille Lombardi draws 360 degrees absolutely different genres. On the national music scene you can hardly find a style so versatile: it is not uncommon to see him mixing pieces of the master Franco Battiato (in the original version !!!). He has never ceased his love for timeless Queen, Moby and adores her gender very special and eclectic.
Thanks to that instinct that distinguishes it, ranges from thousands of artists and styles ranging from jazz to classical music, from rock to techno, combining them and making its own unique set of its kind. The uniqueness of his style he expresses it also in his productions, witness the collaboration began in 2013 with Roberto Cherillo, one of the most beautiful voices and refined of Italian jazz, bringing output in March 2014, the song “Rome With Love” on ” Phoenix Found Records “. Following the success also comes out in the compilation “Miami Music Conference 2014” and “Chicago Beach Coast”. In the same year the new exit “Maria” produced by “Fresh Cream Records”, a trace of deep sounds, combined with his unique style. Create remixes of success, as “Dusler Bitti-Bora Ayracman (Zero Db Digital)”, entered the Top Ten of Itunes and “The Hustle-Uncle Dog aka Filippo Nardi (Zero Db Digital)”; Other songs like “Pox (Zero Db Digital)” and “Blix (Zero Db Digital)” are played by the best DJs.

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