Mario Pataro


Mario Pataro born in 1996, his passion for electronic music began at the age of 14.
It opens to the world of music inspired by different groups and artists, including: Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Nirvana, Lucio Battisti, Tupac, up to DJ like Daft Punk and Carl Cox, which will lead him to love the typical sounds of Techno and Tech House.
The desire to experiment and to learn more and more, motivates him to deepen his musical research and to meet other DJs in the area, with some of whom share a passion for music, advice, information, and especially the console.
From here, he begins to exploit his passion also at the working level, performing in various local places that give him the opportunity to express himself through his music, not commercial.
After completing his studies, driven by a growing need to learn more about music production, Mario moved to Bologna to attend the “Italian DJ Academy”, which gave him the opportunity to learn much more deeply the mixing techniques and to approach the vinyl for the first time, thanks to the fundamental contribution of the teacher of the course: Riccardo Balli.
Following the experience in the Academy, he began to go into music production, to give space to his creativity and completely express himself through music. For the first time live direct contact with the recording studio. Later, Mario was selected to play at the Fidenza Village (PR) and played at the Nubivago di Bologna, a city that left an indelible mark thanks to his musical and social openness.
In parallel to the production, Mario continues to play live, often coming out of the box and never following a lineup; people and the environment are what gives them input for the next song to be mixed. A starry night or an aperitif at sunset determine the progress of his sets.
The meeting with Achille Lombardi who mentors him and with which he enriches his knowledge of musical production led him to the release of his first song “Khaleesi” on Zero DB Digital.
At the moment it continues to animate the desire to always get in the game and in discussion, with the aim of searching for the best labels that best meet your musical ideas.

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