Mr. Andrea Tie 


Andrea “Tie” D’Innocenzo was born in Rome dominated by the zodiac sign of pisces. The passion for music since he was just a child brings him to listen to every type and genre of music, with particular soft spot for Soul and Disco Music. After years of experience in private parties, in 1998 he creates, with a few of his friends the “Gorgeous” label that gives life to one of the most “IN” parties of Rome. Gorgeous Goa Gay becomes the top spot for all nightlife in the capital,Changing the meaning and vision of house music of all the gay clubs in Rome. At this point his popularity continues growing, bringing him to become a resident Dj in the following seasons, not olnly at Goa but also the most important clubs of Rome and much more: Saponeria – Alibi – Alpheus – Alien – Absolute Club – Chalet – RadioLondra – Horus Club – Piper – Qube – Classico Village – Cyborg (Attigliano) Starting the year 2000 he participates in the “GAYPRIDE” of Rome. Then in 2002 becomes Free-lance working in many Italian and European clubs. Fitzcarraldo (Arezzo) – Doc Show – Chalet delle Rose (Bologna) – Billy Club (Milano) – Heaven (Londra) – Pacha (Barcelona) In These years he has been very lucky to have had the chance to work with the most interesting Italian and International Dj’s, to name a few: Francesco Farfa,Giusy Consoli, Claudio Di Rocco, Massimino Lippoli, Pastaboys, Peter Rauhofer, Timo Maas, Daft Punk, Junior Vasquez, Todd Terry. In the year 2004 he creates with one of his friends Ugo Ariano the “Connexion” project, with the goal to organize events that try to combine the heterosexual and homosexual worlds. From 2005 to 2011He is resident Dj at Muccassassina (Roma) Starting 2008 He is resident Dj of Frontiera AfterHour (Roma) ,“Gorgeous I am” (Roma) and GayVillage (Roma) Andrea loves music and all that has to do with it, although not a fan of some kinds of categorizations. His music choices are mostly directed towards the House and the recently rediscovered Techno of these last years. These music choices always guarantee an explosive mix of groove and energy.

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