Roberto Cherillo 


Roberto Cherillo is one of the best voices of Italian jazz and a extraordinary pianist and composer. Jazzit Awards competition 2012 placed placed Cherillo third best male voice after Gegè Telesforo e Mario Biondi. His music is an endless experimentation, constantly developing and looking for new ideas. The choice of the voice as the instrument best representing him has led Roberto Cherillo to come across to the most different and unusual styles and studies. From Anglo Saxon songwriting traditions to the Eastern influences, like the overtone singing.
His first album was published in 2009, “L’isola della pomice” (Picanto/Egea) with the Trio Omparty, and it was warmly welcomed in Italy (Award “Suoni di Confine” at MEI in Faenza).
One of his most interesting projects is Soffice (Picanto record, 2011), the album he has recently recorded with famous trumpeter Luca Aquino. A tribute to Chet Baker, Soffice is “enchanting, it is like a refreshing oasis, a place to turn our daily stressed asymmetries to sheer lyricism” (Guido Festinese, transl)
Cherillo has also composed several soundtracks for theatre plays. He is currently touring with Italianesi, a show of the Italian theatre company Scena Verticale, playing on stage.

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