Ru.Dij (Zero dB Owner), born in 1974, began to cultivate her interest in house music at 14 years. Lover of electronics, he built himself in the house on the first mixer, while completing his secondary education in electronics and computer science. Of age he began his apprenticeship with the public at resorts, chart using the most varied musical genres and increasing its basic musical culture. He then began to frequent the top Italian clubs, working on it for public relations, in the first instance and then later as a lighting technician. Working alongside top DJ increases his innate desire to stand behind a console, always bringing his suitcase vinyls and his headset. One day get the chance comes, and performed for two hours in a club. From that day he performs every week becoming the resident DJ. In the time he attended and works most known cones club “Adriatic Coast” and performs with the national and international big. (Hector Romero, Nick Fanciulli, Jonathan Ulysses, Casarano Damage and many others ..). In 2005 he founded with a group of friends the first community / Italian forum on digital technology applied to DJing (, recognized as the most important companies like Pioneer, Native Instruments, Serato, etc .. which entrust their products to review them in their online portal. During the same period he meets producers who introduce into the world of production, teaching techiche, advising and correcting deficiencies. In 2005 he opens with Marco Rea his label “Fresh Cream Records”, where public and collaborates with national and international artists. His works are also published by other labels like Karmic Power (Lenny Fontana) ,Kyosaku Records, Youn NGR Production, Dancepush. And in 2015 he opened his own label “Zero dB digital”. He continues to perform in the Italian club, with its unmistakable sound that touches on various musical genres, ranging from deep house, moving from the nu-disco, the haouse up to tech house.


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