Visiva Ep02 Luca Vera dj set@Castello Federiciano Roseto Capo Spulico(CS)

VISIVA arrives for the second episode in Roseto Capo Spulico(CS) at the Castello Federiciano,guest Luca Vera,dj and producer was born in the late 70s and lives the beginning of a musical evolution that goes through the eighties up to the years ninety,in this phase of growth acquires and becomes passionate about the album by crossing and immersing himself in the Italian album of the 80s up to the musical maturity that arrives in the nineties with the explosion of his passion for house music with which he lives and lives in a love for it that leads him to experience in person the thrill of the console, passion that lives and persists for over twenty years and that pervades his state of mind in a continuous emotions that lead him to face every experience as if it was always the first time. After years spent in the console begins to immerse himself in the world of productions for which he begins to get excited and to approach the music in an ever deeper, almost morbid, that leads him and pushes him to try to always experiment and look for something new, different that distinguishes it or at least try to distinguish it.The desire to always do something new and to wander in the different hidden corners of music means that you complete your stage of growth and musical maturity making it an all-round artist with knowledge that can be compared with the reality of this world with the awareness of a veteran and the desire to discover and learn about a child.The latest release of Luca Vera for the label “The Dub” the EP Suena Bien,together with Caludio Coccoluto.