Pavia is a DJ and music producer based in Rome, Italy with more then 29 years of DJing career experience. He started DJing in the’90 and he still goes on today with the same curiosity, energy and passion as the first day ! He loves many kinds of underground music like disco, house, tech-house and techno. He believes that the most important quality for a DJ is to follow the dance floor and to get in tune with people!
During his performances, he loves creating real music trip filled with energy and sensations, where various tracks melt into a truly unique and innovative sound. He is fascinated by the future of music and, been always respectful of the past, he loves mixing past and present to remember, stimulate, fuse and provoke unique new emotions.
He has been DJing in the most prestigious clubs In Italy and internationally.
In addition, he’s a music producer and has different aliases depending on the music style he produces: disco, house, or tech house and techno.

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